Skinscapes (II – Outtakes)

One of my fav outtakes from the Skinscapes (II) series. For more outtakes, visit my facebook page!


Skinscapes – Documentary

This time round, I decided to create a documentary to accompany my work with the Skinscapes (II) series. You can view that documentary here:

Skinscapes (II)

CoffeeShop Diptych 2902676_431564530271801_1919460298_o (1) Storyboard2This series started back in 2012 for a separate project that I was working on, however, earlier this year I decided to revisit the work with a goal to further develop this series. When I first began I had a hard time thinking how to push myself, and my work, to expand this series. However, it has now grown into this enormous project where every time I sit down with the work the wheels in my head keep turning. I almost can’t stop the flow of ideas that this project has given me. There are so many directions that this series can take me in and for that I’m extremely grateful and incredibly excited.

For more on the Skinscapes (II) series, visit my facebook page!

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